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If you have seen movies like Iron Man, The Avengers and the like, Black Amina might be your favourite film to watch.

This is an Action thriller about the fight against human trafficking and gender-based violence. Agent Priska, a South African spy, is hired by the Directorate for Priory Crime Investigation D.P.C.I known as HAWKS; Under the captain’s orders to spy on an investigation leading to the arrest of the SADC most-wanted notorious human trafficking syndicate Nicholas Gumede known as SUFFER.
She (Priska Mthethwa) battles to fight Human trafficking and gender-based violence in South African communities as she lays her life for what she believes in. She strongly recites and has a foundation statement of belief that “NO HUMAN BEING BY GENDER IS A PROPERTY OF ANOTHER”

The film first premiered at Soweto Theater on the 11 of December 2019 and was set to be released in cinemas late March this year, but because of the COVID-19 Pandemic the date is set to be announced soon.

The fans and Soweto residents who attended in numbers to watch the film for the first time hailed not only the storyline but also the film’s latest technology of the time. There were scenes in the film which consisted futuristic holographic screen graphics making it one of the first African Films to portray the 4th industrial revolution. This shows a direction that African movies are beginning to take especially that in the same period, Nollywood released Ratnik with similar motion and screen graphics as Iron Man, Avengers, X-men, and so on.

The name Black Amina is derived from Queen Amina, an Ancient Hausa female warrior and a Legend from Nigeria.

Black Amina was written and directed by Blessed Ngwenya who is also the executive producer. Preddy Mothopeng also funded the project with Blessed. Angel Ngwenya and Walter Ndhlovu co-produced the film.

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