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Maly Nyirenda, using film to speak for voiceless women!

Maly, aged 32, was born in Ndola where she completed her tertiary education in Information Technology and later did Fashion Designing. She worked with Changa Kalumba on a TV series called Sky Ways in 2007. In 2011 she joined MUVI TV in Ndola where she co–produced a TV show  called Cultural Bliss with Bangwe Navile and  acted in MUVI TV’s film productions. Her passion for TV and Film grew and in 2013 she relocated to Lusaka to study Journalism and Media Studies whilst working with Comedian Saulos as an Assistant. She gained so much experience working with him on Radio Drama, Commercials, Script Writing and Producing.

“My film making journey started in 2016 when I was awarded a contract with the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) to produce a TV series entitled New Town; my passion was to create content that can educate and entertain. This was at a time when the Zambian film industry was dominated by male producers. I hadn’t known a woman film producer by then and I needed women’s voices to be heard; I have been producing since then.” She said.

Maly produced and co-directed New Town with Changa Kalumba and went on to produce Kumani, the rach, a feature film on early marriages and child labour which she wrote with Chizza Banda, co-directed it with Webster Chiluba aka Kasaka. She has currently produced and directed Shades Of Love, a film about violence against women.

“What inspired me to produce this movie is the violence against women which is constantly increasing in Zambia. This has drastically shifted from women who are not educated to well-to-do and I want to show the mental state which it creates to the victim and the people around the victim; at the same time, show that there are good men out there who respect women. This film will educate people that Women’s lives matter.” She said.

“Zambia should expect quality films, stories that are fun, romantic, educative and a new kind of film making which everyone can enjoy and be entertained. New movies and film projects are coming up with international producers; putting Zambia on the map.” She added.

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