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TV Personality & Actor Nasi Nyambe shares her journey

Our Q&A session with one of Zambia’s most progressive and exciting entertainers


NASI is an enthusiastic, passionate, experienced and dedicated creative. She has been acting and presenting for more than 9 years (in-front and behind the scenes) and this has grown her ability to easily relate and connect with people on a personal scale, making her one of Zambia’s most progressive and exciting entertainers.

Our first encounter with Nasi draws back to her splendid performance in Zambia’s first Telenovela, Zuba, in it’s first season on Zambezi Magic TV as Leah, a house maid who was never shot of surprises in the Sosala mansion.

“I pride myself on my reputation to fully apply myself; mentally, physically and emotionally. I deliberately look for opportunities to integrate art into my life. I see art everywhere, in books, grocery stores, movie theaters, music videos etc. I believe it is very important for me, as a creative to constantly expose myself to different forms of art in order to grow as an artist.” she said.

How did your film journey start and what was your breakout role?

It was “accidental” but it was not foreign. Art and creativity is the language I was born speaking fluently.

I escorted my older brother to a production house where they just happened to be holding auditions for a new television drama series (it was the year 2000). I was asked to audition, I did and I got a role, a lead role. And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, was my breakout role.
I was very excited because I had found another way to not only express myself but also communicate with so much conviction.

Apart from Zuba and Black Dollar, what other film projects have you been a part of?

My first Television production: “Hugs & Kisses.” I played a character called “Doris.” It was originally created for ZNBC when they decided to split their stations (TV1 and TV2) but was adopted years later by Zambezi Magic when they first came on the scene.

You have recently been trending on social media for being part of Zambia’s most anticipated film in 2020, Black Dollar. Tell us about your role and what fans should look out for!

I play a beautiful, ambitious and canning woman called Linda who understands early on that she lives in a world dominated by men. Instead of complaining about it, she takes advantage of this fact.

Fans should look out for TALENT!!
They need to brace themselves for an amazing original story inspired by real events, outstanding performances from the cast and the change that will happen in the Zambian movie industry after the premiere of Black Dollar.

I am confident that every Zambian will have a new perspective and appreciation for Zambian talent when it comes to film and film production.

Awesome, in the near future, what should fans expect from you in terms of film and TV?


The local and international entertainment industry is an ever-changing environment. Because of this, I will forever be a student, learning and growing.

Be it acting, presenting or communicating; I guarantee I will growth. I will always be better than the last time.

As we wrap up, what are your thoughts about the growth of the Zambian film industry?

Firstly I would love to say that talent has never been an inhibiting factor to the growth of the Zambian film industry. The amount of talent we have in this country (young and old) coupled with the hunger and dedication to film and art is mind-blowing.

Looking back, the film industry has come a long way. From shabby works and quick jobs, more attention is being paid even to the smallest details. The entire process from the early stage of production to delivery, in front and behind the camera has improved tremendously. Also, the support Zambians have given to the local film industry in the recent past has literally been a dream come true for many in the film industry.

In my opinion, for any growth to be attained, maintained and improved, a standard must be set. We need to set a standard on how things are done and handled when it comes to film across the board, involving all stakeholders. From producers, directors, writers, actors, set & costume designers, promoters, distributors… Everyone in the production chain must be involved and agreeable to these standards for further growth to be felt and seen.

Nasi on set for Black Dollar

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