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The importance of makeup in film

The credit for the success is of a film is mainly ascribed to directors, producers, DOPs and actors but in truth the success of a film production comes through the hard work of all crew members. Each member of the crew plays a crucial role in adding to the success of the production. Makeup, costume and hair departments work hand in hand to add to the overall success of the film.

Makeup is generally classified as beauty and “street” makeup, character makeup, period makeup, or special effects makeup. Beauty and street makeup are used on actors portraying regular people in contemporary movies. Character makeup includes age makeup and makeup that helps actors resemble actual people in biographical films. Period makeup is used in films that are set in the past. Special effects makeup helps turn actors into monsters or imaginary
creatures, and is also used to create blood and wounds.

Costumes help to create characters. They are a story telling tool communicating details of each character to the audience. When deciding what each character will wear, costumers consider the personality of the character, how they will be represented in the film, geographical details, period of time and so on. The same goes for Makeup and hair. Hair, costume and makeup tell the story of a particular character. Without the right costume, hair and makeup it is impossible to engage an audience and convince them of a particular character. For example, a movie set in the 1990s with hair from a different period and more recent time makeup speaks of total confusion. This will only confuse the audience and not tell the story convincingly but makeup from 1990s, hair from 1990s and costume from the same time period will be able to engage the audience and make the character more realistic and believable. Good makeup and costume will give the audience key information about a character at first sight.

The main goal of makeup therefore is;
Visual effect
Character identification

In conclusion, a film would not be complete without makeup, costume and hair because these make the character. Wounds, blood and prosthetics also add to the action and excitement a film is meant to portray.

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