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John Wick Chapter 3 [Review]

John Wick is back! That can only mean one thing; the body count is set to increase. Do you know John Wick’s full names? That’s how deep back to his roots John Wick has to go in this chapter to survive the largest bounty ever on his head. This chapter unravels a lot about John Wick and the organization he once served. But of course it’s the picture of his wife who gave me him the little sanity he could find in a world of violence that remains an emblem of his being.

From killing a man with a book in the library, to riding on horses, let’s not forget ninja’s on motorbikes. This film encompasses every aspect of what an action film should be. For every fight there is detail. This is not a silent movie, and even the crowd in the cinema was just as loud. We cheered on John Wick like he was our next door hero.

The methodical process taken in choreographing the action is something we have been starved of since the days of John Woo. I was waiting for Halle Berry to appear in this movie. When she did, she didn’t disappoint. Remember ‘’Cat woman’’? Well she comes into John Wick with pose and elegance. You will love her dogs; they are no ordinary dogs, they go for the kill. Halle Berry gives an acting master class of a great actor. She is unforgettable in the role despite the short time she spends on screen.

If you are expecting Halle Berry to upstage John Wick or become the face that stands beside him, you are mistaken. This is John Wick’s story and glad the director made sure it remains that. The visuals of this film are compelling. In an age of complicated narratives, John Wick proves that a simple story told with detail can be the bedrock of a franchise. John Wick 3 started off with bullets flying, it ends with bullets flying. John Wick is very pissed. Chapter 4 comes out May, 2021.. <<

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