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In the movie Virus, deployment of big-screen stars ensured memorability for each character, each character being a frontline soldier fighting the Nipah virus. It also serves to emphasize the truths that in the giant fight against Nipah even the apparently tiniest player’s activities could have implied the distinction between existence and demise, no cog in the wheel was/is secondary, and the states quietly involved diplomats, administrators, healthcare professionals, ordinary residents and all others involved are/were warriors no less than the flashy artistes playing fictionalised performances of them in this movie.

The investment in casting then is a tribute to these real-life heroines and heroes including Nipah’s victims, many of whom contracted the disease through an act of kindness.

The virus brings back those tension-ridden days in the summer of 2018 when the deadly Nipah surfaced in Kozhikode and Malappuram districts and highlights the current pandemic covid19 that has spread worldwide. As the potentially fatal virus begins to circulate, the state’s health minister gathers a team of officers, medics and volunteers to examine its origins and curb its spread.

With clinical efficiency reflective of the standardized manner in which infection restraint must perforce be completed if it is to be beneficial, the Virus goes about its business of tenaciously chronicling their painstaking job. The astonishment of seeing so many big names in subsequent frames and often concurrently wears off within minutes, as it becomes clear that there is nothing pretentious about this film and that its story is ultimate.

In some senses, it plays out like an uncertainty drama, although we know that the outbreak did not eventually turn into an epidemic.

Now, will we survive COVID-19 or is this the end of the world? That is yet to be determined. Let us know your thoughts about COVID19 or the movie itself.

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